1st edition

Date: 15-17 September 2023

Date: 15-17.09.2023 

The venue: Poznan

Year of participants:

  • U15M 2009 and younger
  • U13M 2011 and younger
Patronage of the tournament: BASKET TEAM SUCHY LAS:  https://basket-team.sportbm.com/ 

Basketball Friends Association kindly invites you to Poznan for the

1st edition of Poznan Basketball Games

1. Participants:

  • The tournament will have 16 teams, 8 from each age category 

2. Date:

  • The tournament will take place on 15-17 September 2023 

3. The venue:

4. Lodging and meals:

  • Dormitories of Politechnika Poznanska, Swiętego Rocha 11B, 61-142 Poznan

  • The participants will enjoy

    o On Friday - lunch and supper
    o On Saturday - breakfast, lunch and supper
    o On Sunday – breakfast
  • Distance from the sports hall - 200m

5. The tournament games system

  • It is planned that all 8 boys teams from each age category, divided into two groups, will play against each other. Time of the game will be 4x10min of continuous play without stopping the timer (except for the last 2 minutes, timeouts, and free throws)
  • All referees are from and delegated by Wielkopolska Basketball Association
  • The ball size 7 - year 2009 and younger

  • The ball size 6 - year 2011 and younger

  • Each team will play 3 group matches

  • The first and second teams from each group will qualify to semifinals. Their winners will play the final. Their losers will play for the 3-4 place.

  • The teams that did not qualify to semifinals will play for places 5-8.

  • The rules according to FIBA

6. Contact:

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